Aleksei Taruts


The event takes place in an empty 2 stored freshly constructed office building. Each floor is 500 m2.


The performer stands by the window and is seen from the street. From his right side — the projection is seen.


All the lights are killed on the first floor, except the heavy strobing light hanging over the metal table placed in the far end of the hall. On the metal table there are glasses of wine.

In the corner 6 kwatts soundsystem is placed. It plays back heavy dronenoise waves with short intervals. From this vibration the glasses fall from the metall table. After the drone noise stops — the slowed down fragment of Lana del Rey song is played back.


The staircase to 2nd floor is lit with red light.


On the second floor there is a projection and a performer placed near the projection. The performer is standing still through out the whole event. The projection is being streamed directly from youtube and consists of 2 parts:


A close up of a white dog shot. At times the camera is being scrubbed against the dogs fur. This sound is exactly the heavy drone noise heard from the 1st floor, which is also distantly heard on the 2nd floor.

There are subtitles over the video. They describe the space that is surrounding the projection and the viewer. In the subtitles the reality is mixed with imaginary events, that are not happening around, or with events that are about to happen, but don’t happen.


A fragment from the movie «THE THING» by J. Carpenter. The claw of an alien life form bursts out of the mutating dog chest and crashes the ceiling and gets to the upper floor. The sound changes to the slowed down fragment of Lana del Rey song. «I don’t wanna do this anymore, it’s so surreal I can’t survive if this is all that’s real» subtitles appear.

Exterior view. The performer is standing by the window on the 2nd floor of an empty commercial building. Video projection, streamed directly from youtube, can be seen behind him.

full video

review in russian by borya klushnikov